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Parents that dont say I Love You

  Today's message Some people were never told they were loved from their parents, but it didn't mean their parents didn't love them. I grew up with my parents saying it everyday. I took it for granted until one day when my close friend in high school said "Cerise, your mom tells you she loves you everyday and I've never heard my mom ever say it at all." I was surprised. I said "Never?"  She said "Well she writes it in cards for my birthday. "  I said "And she does so much for you. She loves you. I know it." She said "Yeah I know my mom looks out for me. Does whatever she can do to make me happy, but those words I LOVE YOU is important to hear." I expresed my sorrow that she's never heard those words from her mother.  It affected me deeply. So much that I thought about it for many years. Then one day in adulthood it hit me, maybe her mother was never told those words. Maybe it was hard for her mother to say the words,
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Speak Your Frustration

 Today's message  Expressing disappointment and frustration all the time is showing everyone a mirror of your life.  Expressing disappointment and frustration in moderation demonstrates your balanced life.  It's ok to express the negative feelings you have experienced from a situation. Challenges happen to everyone, and sharing those circumstances verbally sometimes can make you feel better. It's when those negative experiences keep happening that one should take a deeper look within. It could be that those feelings are not caused by an outside influence, but is a result of what's happening inside.  Love Cerise

Narcissists Are Clouds Of Discord

  Today's message.  When someone has an issue and you've done your best to help resolve it, but really cannot do much more, you have no choice but to let go and let God.  If the issue directly concerns you, yet the person couldn't care less how you're affected by it, because they are unsatisfied with the outcome, again, let God handle it.  Sometimes it is best to look at the person's life. Truly analyze them. They may talk a good talk, but what is their walk? Really? What is the reflection in the mirror of their life?  If you look into the mirror of what they have achieved, the kids they raised, and the impact they have made on people in a positive manner, and if all you can see in the mirror is emptiness and mostly destruction, then perhaps you will understand that the problem you are trying to resolve is not that issue at all... the problem goes much deeper.  Therefore, once again, LET GO AND LET GOD.

Big But Small


Business Frustration


Work From Home #DYI

 Turn your crafts into a business learn how. 

Virtual Assistant

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